sp0re Prints started as an experiment in easing dysphoria and anxiety related to having a human body. Designs spring forth from the fantasy and desire to have a non-human body, more similar to that of spores growing into protruding fungi while simultaneously existing in a vast network that is often invisible to the naked eye. All mushrooms are meant to be worn as strap-ons or underneath clothing as packers, used for solo or group play, or simply as a piece of mushroom art to admire in your magical fairy garden!

All sp0re Prints are unique and crafted by hand! Starting as clay sculptures, each mushroom is turned into a mold and cast, one at a time, using platinum cure silicone which is a body-safe material. The colors embedded within the silicone are also body safe and either silicone or mica-based pigments. Platinum cure silicone also lasts a long time with the proper care. Always give your mushrooms a bath with toy cleaner and remember to use water-based lubes rather than silicone ones.

sp0re Prints are made by one human person who can only do so much at a time, and run out of a small studio, so custom orders aren’t usually available. However, if you would like to inquire about a custom order, please fill out my contact form :)